• Are you able to tell the future?


• Are you able to cure diseases like cancer?

No, because I am not a doctor. Spiritual Soulwork can ease the handling of illness and support recovery.

• Are you able to get into contact with deceased persons?

Yes, I can establish contact to the spiritual world and transmit messages.

• Are you using any tools like pendulum or cards?

No, because my spiritual ability is centered within myself, you will feel it. You will get information during our talk. You are welcome to write down or record the sessions.

• Do I have to believe in god? Do I need a religious denomination to meet you?

No. I am open to people of all denominations.

• Can you disclose my soul´s plan to me?

Yes, but I need your permission and you must be open for the experience.

• Do I get all the information, even the one I do not care for to know?

You will get all information necessary to find your mental balance. Some may be surprising or irritating, but always for your best.

• Why are you doing Spiritual Soulwork?

I was appointed. At the oldest tree of the world, the Te Matua Ngahere, during my stay with the Maori in New Zealand, I made the promise to provide my gift for the good of people.

• How long takes a session with Tina Maria Werner?

The first session will take about 2 hours, each additional session 1 hour.

• Where and how do sessions with Tina Maria Werner take place?

Online per Skype or Face Time, or if you wish personally in my shala in Munich.

• Is Spiritual Soulwork tiring or does it hurt?

Energy work is usually mentally tiring, concentrating and dealing with yourself can be exhausting.