As I started my spiritual path, I wanted to find who I am. I wanted to know, is it right for me how I live, what I work, my relationship, …

And first of all I wanted to find out what I need to be happy every single day of my life. (Not only on weekends or holidays!).

On my journey I developed a method that really helped me to find my place.

This knowledge I want to share open source with YOU, with everybody.


• Find your perfect place in life and be happy.

• Build good relationships.

• Take 3 steps and start your change.

“It is easy, it is cool and it really works in everyday life. To be honest: It is also going to be work. In fact, it is going to be a roller coaster ride. AND it is so worth it, if you can enjoy every moment of your life.”

Tina Maria Werner, Spiritual Soulworker